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supermarioicons's Journal

Super Mario Bros. Icons
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a place to post your Super Mario Bros. graphics - icons, friends-only banners, colour bars, layouts, etc.


* this is a place ONLY for Super Mario related graphics.

* it doesn't matter which Mario game - we welcome graphics from any Mario game for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, N64 and any other console i'm forgetting.

* no stealing graphics. comment on entries with graphics you're taking, and credit whoever made the graphics you take! if you use someone's icon, be sure to credit the person's user name in the comments space when you upload the icon. you wouldn't like it if someone stole your art, so please don't steal anyone elses.

* no bandwith theft. save images to your own computer and upload to somewhere like photobucket.

* please don't do that thing where you post a bunch of different icons from a bunch of different fandoms, even if some of them are Mario. just post the Mario icons.

* feel free to make requests, but don't get upset if no one fills it.

* have fun and be nice to each other!

mod = deaddoloreshaze
affiliates = sylviaplathicon