the anne witch (deaddoloreshaze) wrote in supermarioicons,
the anne witch

image heavy, for veile & shotgun

veile, i hope this is kind of what you were looking for. it's Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad jumping, from Mario 2 (the Mario All-Stars version), and one of Luigi in Mario 3 jumping. if it's not what you're looking for please let me know and i'll try again!

and here are some random pictures i use to make icons out of, all from Mario 2 (lots of Princess)

and, for good measure, Peacg from Mario 2 for NES

shotgun, i hope these can be of help to you. they are mostly Mario 3, with some Mario World. if not let me know and i'll try again, and if they are of help and you want more, let me know and i'll post some more for you!

EDIT: oh, dear. those maps weren't supposed to turn out that small. i'll fix that tomorrow. i need a nap.
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